Iman Barlow is an amazing womens Muay Thai prodigy! She’s been training in Muay Thai fighting since she was an innocent little toddler at just two years old. She comes from a Muay Thai family background. This is a way of life for them. She’s a sweet young girl who lives a normal life but when called upon to become the “Pretty Killer” it’s a night and day transformation. How this young women can transform from a princess to a future Lion Fight Champion is something you have to see to believe. Don’t blink on this girl! She can end a fight in a heart beat and do it instantly with her killer instincts. She was born with them! #PrettyKiller  💪👊💪 #LadyBeastPromotions  #DOMENICO101MMA  #AmbassadorToFighters  #LionFight31  #LaborDayWeekend  #Sept2nd  #FoxwoodsResortAndCasino  #LionFightPromotions  #Axstv  #MedinaMMA  #CombatSportsNation  #PrettyKiller