This Reebok deal was a horrible deal that sent a good majority of the poor struggling future champions to the soup kitchens to survive!  Sponsorships were good guarantees that could bring in steady revenue for financially struggling fighters. Just imagine a time when fighters could wear a patch or a sponsorship logo from their local community businesses. This would not only help support a fighters fighting expenses, but also help their community businesses in the process. Plus if the fighter was good enough they could possibly get picked up by national and world wide corporations and promotions to promote products and brands.

This all ended suddenly when the UFC decided to make a sponsorship deal exclusively to Reebok for walk out and cage fighting attire. This ended all hope for new and lots of veteran fighters who counted on this extra and sometimes all income netted from fighting in the UFC. Like I said a terrible deal and we lost some good fighters and struggling business who counted on this.

The UFC tried to put out the flames by telling all contracted fighter that in the long run this would be a better deal for them. Plus the UFC would have in my and many others opinion that a soccer looking disgusting error filled uniform would be used to promote the UFC’s four BILLION dollar company!  The UFC wasn’t too happy having condom and nuts and bolts advertised on shorts for national and pay per view sponsored events. Instead we had great views of women fighters breasts falling out on national television along with a few mens asses flashing moons to the sun and back along side of them. That’s so much better for the fighters and company huh Dana?