I have immersed myself in the exciting world of MMA, in the northeast specifically. I have an incredible amount of respect for the combat sport athletes and show that respect by greeting them with a hand shake and showing up to their fights to cheer them on. 
I have wanted to be a part of their environment as not only a fan but to be recognized as an ambitious ambassador who is focused on helping them grow their name, in efforts to develop them into special fan loved warriors. 
Yesterday, I took one step forward in getting myself around those warriors when I attended the CES MMA 37 weigh-ins. It was confirmed by the environment that MMA fighters are the most humbled and personable athletes on the planet. 
It was an eye opener for me watching their tired, hungry, and thirsty bodies waiting patiently to be weighed in. I watched the cordial smiles from some towards their opponents, but I also witnessed the clear respect that each opponent had for one another as their weights were announced from the scale and then with the face offs.
These fighters know what sacrifices their opponent may have needed to go through in preparation for tonight’s battle, which for some of them may be the biggest fight of their lives. 
Having the chance to cover the weigh-ins and getting a closer look at the last minute pain and joy it takes to get in that cage was special for me. It was a new exciting experience and a day that will stick with me forever.
I am truly thankful to Combat Sports Nation for letting me be a part of the their growing team and share my experience as a fan of what many will never get the opportunity to see in person.
Fighters are my heroes and this experience has grown that image of them to me, see you tonight at the fights!!!  Stephen Domenico