​Jojorina Baars defends her Lion Fight Promotions Womens Welterweight World Championship Belt on September 2nd at Lion Fight 31 against another Muay Thai Womens Champion Angela Whitley … These two lady Muay  Thai warriors will headline Lion Fight 31 and start the Lion Fight Revolution in America … Lion Fight Promotions is ready to show us what the world has been missing and that’s a top notch incredible Muay Thai event with “4” title fights to keep everyone glued to their seats … This is just a little taste of what Scott Kent and his incredible organization can bring to the states … You will never ever see a card like this again in the USA! … This is Muay Thai at it’s finest baby! … Lets get in to the Lion Fight Promotions and the road to the Lion Fight Championship Belts at Lion Fight 31! 💪👊💪