​Our East Coast MMA community is the best in the country … This area will be on the whole country’s radar once CES MMA 37 has concluded this Friday night … I’ve never been more excited to see a local Combat Sports event in my life … These men and women fighters are my hero’s and they are all great Ambassador To fighters for the whole world to see … Don’t miss this event my MMA friends and families at Twin Rivers Casino this Friday the 12th of August because it will be a very special night of tributes … tears … smiles … nerves … reached goals and most of all a great night of what the MMA revolution on the East Coast is all about…The passion that New England fans and fighters have for MMA is unmatched…We will all show the world on the 12th why we will be on top of the MMA world soon with a great new breath of fresh air to show the Combat Sports World we are the best in the country! … Peace! … 💪👊💪 #LadyBeastPromotions  #CombatSportsNation  #MedinaMMA  #Axstv