Luke Cummo TUF 2

​If you don’t remember this kid his name is Luke Cummo … Luke was in the finals on the UFC ‘S Tuff 2 reality show when the show was only on it’s second season … Matt Hues and Rich Franklin were the coaches for each team that season  … They were both UFC Champions who held belts at the time this show was recorded … Unlike TUF shows today the coaches on this particular season wouldn’t fight at the season’s finale … This was and still is by far my favorite season of all … Luke’s finals fight was against Joe “Daddy” Stevenson who went on to have a successful career as a UFC fan favorite after this fight … Luke lost my decision but it was a close entertaining fight … Luke was definitely the sleeper on the show and mostly kept to himself but he was very well liked by everyone … No one in the house had any bad things to say about this kid … He definitely had a quiet nature but when he fought there was nothing quite about him … He was the last picked out of all the fighters in the house for teams to begin the show … He trained just as hard or harder than most of the other fighters in the cast … Sad for his hearbreaks during and after his time in the UFC … Luke definitely caught the support from fans and now he’s surviving and i have all the respect in the world for him and the rest of his positive journeys 💪👊💪 #TUFF2