1. ​I have some experience with these supplements! … Yes I’ve taken them in the past for muscle mass gains … Trimming my body down and building it up … I’ve used supplements for energy as well as for other sports related training … I’ve spoken on past posts all about some of these “Poisons” that (Ped) tested athletes are getting popped for now a days … It’s happening way to much and spoiling fans and mma organizations fun and fight cards … Somebody needs to start listening and educating fighters on how to properly part take in supplemental intake … We need to get this problem solved to avoid future positive test that ruin fighters careers and all that surround them … No more passes on these positive results from me fighters are receiving … You need to all be more responsible and get everything tested or just don’t take it … It’s not worth the shame anymore … I will go on a podcast to educate whoever is interested on this supplement subject … I invite any other media source and I will tell you all the “Honest Truth” … I have experiences with a “No Filter Look” at the mess these money seeking “Devil Companies” do … Some are ruining the new UFC and combat sports for everyone! … Come find me to talk about it! … I’ll even be a “Lab Rat” for the cause!!!…#EveryOneIsOnSteroids #PEDsAreForMe