​My coach every session asks and tells me “Do you have a plan and if not  you need to create one”… Jiu-jitsu saved my life in many ways … I was searching to be grounded and to not only be happy for me but most importantly my loved ones and my children … I had trained before in various street fighting systems but never became one with them … I always became bored and disinterested after a while …(ADHD ) … There was no energy or feel to what i was training in … I was mostly going through the motions never really absorbing or loving it…But one day my instructor said “Why don’t you try rolling with me and see what you’ve been missing that Jiu-jitsu can fulfill not only on the mat but through life”??? … So i started rolling and I’m still rolling and humbled every session … Jiu-jitsu groomed me to be confident but not take a person’s size or mannerisms for granted as weak … It taught me how to figure things out on the mat and in life … Life and Jiu-jitsu flow together for me now … They are both unending chess matches that I embrace and love … Rolling is one of the most freeing feelings I’ve ever experienced … I’m a better everything now a days and embrace new challenges like old friends … I have the confidence to be a survivor and most importantly a protector for the weak … I’ve become this ever since that 1st Jiu-jitsu class and roll … LOVE THIS SHIT … 💪👊💪 #RollTilYaOld