​For all the young women that were on the Premier FC 20 card i would like to tell you from the bottom of my heart you are all my hero’s and win or lose you all came to fight…It’s a tough business that new and many old fans have no idea what it can do to you emotionally and physically…I have a thirteen year old little lady of my own and i feel when she is sad and i care and feel it for you ladies to…I want you all to succeed in the cage but especially in life…The men in this game have a two decade head start on you…You gals are clawing your way up their up backs!!!…MMA needs all of you because it’s become a watered down MMA world and women are always swimming against the tide…Just Keep Swimming Girls…You will all make it!!!… Peace to the sad “Lady Beasts”…Enjoy your time off and heal up quick…We’ll be waiting…💪👊💪